Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Finally HERE!!!

It's finally here...feels like I have been waiting forever, but it was barely more than a week! I signed up to become a Close to My Heart sales consultant and today I got my kit. I am SO excited I even photographed it! I love getting mail...especially stuff for scrapbooking! The acrylic stamps from CTMH are the best...if you want to check them out just let me know. Heck, if you are interested in ordering some (or some of the other cool stuff they sell) or even having a scrap party at your house (we could make a card or a tag or whatever else), I'm your girl!


Vanessa said...

So you've had your loot for a while now...have you had fun playing with it? If you have any questions, you'll have to email me or phone in a week or so. Hope you enjoy your new business and that you are successful with it. Please let me know if I can be of help with anything!! Best of luck

aplayer said...

Post some more stuff little lady. Kohl is waiting to see more pictures!!! We check face book all the time. Kohl says "that's Jayden and Jenna....those are old pictures." Out of the mouths from babes. I even show Mike when you post new things. Talk to you later, Amanda, Kohl and Teagan. Mike is doing electrial right now so he's not included and he just electricuted himself....saw a big flash and Mike saying Coc% Sucker!!! So he might be in some pain. Rookie!!! That's why I stick to painting and wood work!

jessi said...

hey christina!!! good luck with your ctmh venture!!