Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Last Days of Summer Vacation

I can't believe summer is over already...I am really going to miss the sun as it cools off and the days grow short and dark again...yeah I know, there is still some time before that happens, but it seems that school starting again is like a foreshadowing of the dark days to follow. ANYWAYS, enough about that! For our last weekend of summer vacation we took a final road trip over to Ucluelet. Seems no matter what the weather is doing, the West Coast is always radiant (and windy!). My baby girl had her very first sleepover party with a boy...have a look...

With so many little ones in one house we were all pretty happy with how well everyone slept. And it was pretty cute to hear on the baby monitor these two talking to each other when they woke up! The older kids had a great time together too...but the only proof I have is when they tried out the double stroller and were strapped (or rather trapped) in!

Tomorrow is the third class of "Chicks Who Click" so stay tuned for the unveiling of my "Heat" photo assignment.

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