Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Fortune

Well, like Vanessa, I also spent yesterday evening photographing fortune cookies with the "Chicks Who Click". It is so neat to see how each person photographed their cookies so differently! Here's what I found...course I don't have that beautiful macro lens to work with! The best picture I took (with Vanessa as my partner) was using Karen's camera so of course I don't have it to show off!

This one was just for laughs.


Lotus Paperie said...

I like the one with the grey wall. The cookies are totally the focus. I dig it! Thanks for sharing.

I just sat outside trying to think of how I'll photograph "heat" any ideas?? I have a few but the light is just great right now. I'm gonna go see what I can pull off before sunset.


christine said...

So far I am still waiting for an epiphany.

Tania said...

The first is my fav. Great shots